Now Hiring in Cape Girardeau, Farmington & Arnold, MO Offices!
Are you a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC)
or Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW)
looking for a Part time position actually doing what you love…
counseling clients in a supportive team environment?

Tender Hearts staff
At Tender Hearts Child Therapy Center, we love the different backgrounds and perspectives that a variety of counselors bring to the practice. We feel this diversity makes the whole team even stronger.
If you’re an LPC or LCSW looking for a part time position where you can actually use your clinical skills and support client progress week to week, please check out the short video below to learn more about our practice and why we do what we do 🙂

Here are some of the main reasons to join the team:

*Enjoy working with a variety of client populations of your choice (who are engaged and ready for change)
*Flexible schedules to accommodate current employment and family situations
*Free or low-cost Professional Development opportunities with the team
*You’ll automatically be associated with a highly regarded, professional team
*Employment taxes are withheld so you don’t have to deal with the aggravation of self-employment taxes
*Waiting list practice allows you to be as full as you want, as quickly as you want

Here’s what some of the current LPC and LCSW Team Members have to say about their experience with the Tender Hearts Team:

Debi Oliver Counselor in Cape Girardeau
“I enjoy the flexibility with my schedule and the wide variety of clients. Plus… I love my co-workers!”

Debi Oliver, LPC

Darline Grebe Counselor in Cape Girardeau
“This is the lowest stress job I’ve had in over 15 years working in this profession. I love being paid as an employee and the fact that I don’t have to deal with self-employment taxes.”

Darline Grebe, LCSW

Meleia Sides Counselor in Cape Girardeau
“As a school counselor working in Private Practice, I now have a deeper understanding and better perspective of what teens and families are really going through. I feel like this experience makes me better at my school counseling position.”

Meleia Sides, LPC

Tender Hearts Child Therapy Center is an established, team-oriented & growing group counseling practice with beautiful office suites in Cape Girardeau, Farmington & Arnold, Missouri. We are seeking mental health providers who demonstrate a passion for helping their clients succeed, have solid professional counseling experience and skills, and want to be a part of a growing team. Tender Hearts Child Therapy Center helps therapists focus on therapy by taking care of the business side of private practice. Tender Hearts provides referrals, marketing, full billing services, office support, beautifully furnished office suites and a fun and cohesive team of counselors. This opportunity is ideal for the therapist or licensed social worker who would like to work in a supportive, team oriented environment where the focus is on client success and professional growth… NOT on burdensome EHR systems or never ending paperwork.

Our Counselors also enjoy the benefits of:

*all employment taxes processed by Tender Hearts Child Therapy Center,
*Worker’s Comp & State Unemployment insurance provided,
*Twice monthly direct deposits to their bank account,
*consistently full-as-they-desire caseloads with regular referrals provided by Tender Hearts,
*work schedules that consider their needs, family responsibilities and life interests,
*weekly team meetings with clinical consultations,
*regular opportunities for professional education and training,
*beautiful and fully furnished office spaces,
*Full service insurance credentialing provided,
*Full service insurance billing provided,
*Admin team coordinates all Intake appointments,
*Reminder calls daily to decrease missed appointments,
*A cohesive and supportive team,
*Staff social gatherings & celebrations. Tender Hearts is a fun place to be!

Tony Harris Counselor in Cape Girardeau
“I love the fact that I can have a flexible schedule that suits my needs and I get to focus on my clinical expertise. Also, working in a team environment like this is incredible.”

Tony Harris, LPC

Tender Hearts Child Therapy is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of sex, color, religion, gender, national origin, age, or disability  in its services or employment practices.