Family Counseling

Do you feel like family communication in your home is dead? Tired of fighting with a defiant child or disrespectful teen who won’t listen to anything you say? Learn how Family Counseling can help you…

  • Learn effective parenting strategies to gain the respect of your defiant child or teen
  • Develop effective family communication skills to strengthen your family
  • Learn and practice conflict resolution skills to reduce constant arguments

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Issues We Frequently Address in Family Counseling sessions

  • Learning Effective Parenting Skills to manage defiance (effective discipline, consistent consequences, household rules)
  • Developing better Communication Skills (open communication within families)
  • Co-Parenting (adjusting to blended families, consistent expectations between households)
  • Improving Conflict Resolution Skills

Family Counseling in Cape Girardeau
Family Counseling can help and support you and your family in many areas. Family Counselors can work with you to teach effective parenting and discipline strategies to deal with an out-of-control child or disrespectful teenager. Our Family Counselors typically use Evidence-Based Treatments to address defiant children with behavioral problems. Family Counseling sessions can also focus on conflict resolution skills and developing effective communication skills. 

Family Counseling is often the recommended method of dealing with a defiant child and Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD). One Evidence-Based Treatment that is widely researched and found to be effective for working with defiant children is Kazdin Parent Management Training™ (PMT). PMT is one of the top Evidence-Based Treatments for children with defiance and ODD. PMT has been proven to significantly change difficult and challenging behaviors in 78% of children, per parent reports. 

Family Counselors can also help with Co-Parenting strategies to assist families going through separation and divorce. This is often a very stressful time for families and a little professional support at the right time can help family members adjust to their new roles more efficiently and effectively. 

I brought my 7 year old son to counseling because he wouldn’t listen and was always hitting me and his younger sister when he didn’t get his way. It’s been hard work but after 3 months I feel like I’m in control and know how to handle his defiant behaviors.
Family Counseling
5 / 5 stars

What are typical results of Family Counseling? 


  • Learning proven, effective Parenting Skills to better manage defiant and disrespectful behaviors.
  • Feeling more “in charge” of your home and more confident as a parent, no matter what challenging behaviors your child throws at you!
  • Learning better Family Communication Skills to strengthen your  relationship with your child or teen
  • Improving your Conflict Resolution Skills to more effectively manage family disagreements
  • Learning Co-Parenting Strategies for you and your ex to better manage the transition and help your child adjust in the healthiest way possible 

Why choose Tender Hearts Child Therapy Center for Family Counseling? 

  • You will get the financial benefit of working with an In-Network Provider in most cases. Our Family Counselors are Credentialed with most major insurance companies
  • We value your time and always treat you with respect.  We understand that your time is very valuable and our Counselors won’t keep you waiting.  Our policy is to begin and end all counseling sessions promptly
  • We rely on Evidence-Based Treatments whenever possible so you will typically see the fastest, longest lasting results
  • We offer the benefits of a larger facility with numerous Counselors on staff to best fit your needs, yet we’re not a community agency and you won’t find the sterile atmosphere that is commonplace in these settings
  • You will enjoy our professional and relaxing waiting room before your session begins. Many of our clients comment that being in our office is like sitting in their own living room!

If you’re dealing with a defiant child or teen, poor family communication, ineffective conflict resolution skills or struggles with Co-Parenting, Tender Hearts Child Therapy Center can help. Family Counseling is available as soon as you are ready to take the next step.  Stop feeling lost as a parent and start learning new skills to build a stronger family today!  


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