Child Counselor Reviews

“Very thankful we brought our son to Tender Hearts! Communication has improved. Relationships in my son’s life have improved and his well-being has increased. He knows his counselor is here for him and that means a lot to him. Thank You!”

“Very satisfied with my counselor. She is very helpful and kind. I have referred other people to Tender Hearts.”

“The counselor made my shy son feel like he was right at home.”

“My daughter’s behavior really changed after me and her father separated. I thought I could handle it but things seemed to keep getting worse with her mood and behavior. My friend suggested I come here for counseling and I’m already seeing a big change in her. So glad I decided to call!”

“Counseling for my daughter has helped us so much! Our communication has improved and we actually enjoy spending time together. This has been very helpful to the whole family.”

“I brought my 7 year old son to counseling because he wouldn’t listen and was always hitting me and his younger sister when he didn’t get his way. It’s been hard work but after 3 months I feel like I’m in control and know how to handle his defiant behaviors.”

“The change in my 10 year old has been amazing. I can see him actually stop to think about what he’s doing. Before he would just act first and think second. What a difference!”

“My son loved going every Saturday. Every week he came home talking about what he learned. I can see a big difference in how he can calm himself down after he finished the Group.”

“My son was always defiant and I felt lost and not confident as a parent. After the 1-2-3 Magic class, I now feel more confident and in charge. And the best part—my son now listens to me!”

“It’s been nice to learn a new perspective on managing our children’s behaviors. We have 3 kids and all have different personalities. We’ve learned to really watch how we react to our kids. We think it has made a difference and our kids have noticed a change too.”

Tender Hearts Child Therapy Center is rated 5.00 out of 5 based on 10 reviews from counseling clients.